Life Reflection Stories Workbook


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Spiral bound softcover workbook, 74 pages

This is a practical and easy-to-use workbook to guide you through the process of creating your Life Reflection Story. Information includes what Life Reflection Stories are, how they differ from memoirs and other types of story writing, why and when to write one, and most importantly, how to write yours. Special attention is given to why Life Reflection Stories can help you find greater significance and purpose in your life as well as share real life examples to help your loved ones as they travel along their life journeys.

Writing your Life Reflection Story and sharing it with your loved ones and future generations provides them with a cherished gift, the value of which can’t be quantified. You may preserve your completed document as you wish or our Preservation Team is available to help you edit, design and print your Life Reflection Story as a beautiful keepsake. We provide many options to choose from or call for custom designs.

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