Overcoming challenges

Long ago I read an article in Ladies’ Home Journal.  I have forgotten the article, why I read it or what it was about.  But one sentence stuck with me:  “Good luck, bad luck—how do you know?”

I have found this to be true.  Sometimes the worst times in my life, times I would not wish on anyone or want to repeat myself—have ended up making me a stronger person whose life is richer.  My three biggest challenges have been overcoming severe burns, going through a divorce in a time when divorce was not common and was viewed as a failure, and losing my second husband to leukemia.

Life lessons I want to pass on

Keep your word.

Think before you speak.

Cherish your friends and family

Embrace a love of learning


When I was young, I was very shy and timid.  In some ways I still am.  I wish I could say that life has turned me into a more socially confident person, but although I’ve made progress, I still have a way to go…and not a whole lot of time to make the trip.

In one of our other lessons I quoted the song “My Way.”  When I was a child, it was “my mother’s way.”  Although a very quiet, unassuming person, she must have been stronger and more influential than I thought.  I rarely thought for myself or even realized I could think for myself until I was grown.  Too bad.  I missed the typical teenage rebellion and the opportunity to sift through ideas to find my own way.  Was this my fault?  My mother’s fault?  Whatever, it was a truism that I hope I’ve overcome.

Reaction to this exercise

I had no reservations about this exercise.  In the day of Facebook, when people pour out (sometimes I think of the word “vomit”) their most intimate and most mundane activities and thoughts, it doesn’t seem difficult to share my feelings.