Session #1: PB Reflections and Writings

Linking the Generations

My father’s father, Francis (Frank) Scott Williamson who died1942, 3 years before my birth.

I never knew this grandfather and only have faint memories of stories about him.  However, what draws me to wish I knew more about him is one fact I do remember being told about him: he changed his religion/denomination to marry.  In those days, it seems more unusual, if not radical for someone to make this kind of change. I think his wife, Celesta, my grandmother died when I was about 3 years old.  So, I barely remember her but do have a sense of her smell and the warmth and closeness of sitting her in lap.  Because I have an interest in the whole subject of “Change”, I would be interested to sit with this grandfather and ask him some of the following questions.

1. Tell me about how you and grandma met and when and how you two decided you wanted to marry.

2. Given that you and grandma were not of the same religion/denomination, how big of a deal was this from your point of view and from both sets of your parents?

3.  What values and beliefs did you share in common and what differences did you have?

4. What was the glue that held you two together through your many years of marriage?  What do you think were your greatest strengths and most difficult struggles?

5. How did you view “Change” in those days, personal changes you may have made?What changes did you noticed from the generation before you and the generation after you?

6. What personal characteristics and/or character traits would you say helped in your life and which ones may have been a hinderance to you?

7. Knowing that you had a son (my father) and a daughter (my aunt), which child do you think was most like you?  Please describe.