Preservation Preserving and Displaying Your Legacy Documents

How to Send Us Your Content Instructions for Uploading Your Legacy Content and Photos

To order any of our custom professionally-produced legacy keepsakes, please follow these instructions.

  1. Your legacy content should be typed into a plain Word document with no special fonts, spacing or inserts. (You can request editing services if needed as noted below.)
  2. Your photos should be saved as digital files in the largest and highest resolution possible – for example, 4×6 inches and 900 DPI. (What if you want to use old non-digital photos or slides?)
  3. Create an email addressed to
  4. Type “Request for Estimate” in the Subject: line.
  5. In the body of the message, type your name and phone number.
  6. State which of the legacy keepsake products you are interested in: Hardcover Legacy Book, Legacy Display, Legacy Folder or a custom project (please provide some details for what you have in mind).
  7. Let us know if you would also like an estimate for editing services (optional).
  8. Attach the Word document containing your legacy content and your photo files. If your photos are too large to send in a single email, you may send them in groups of 3 using multiple emails, or use the free document sending service YouSendit. Alternatively, you can send us a DVD containing your photos via postal mail.

We’ll get back to you with an estimate for your project within a couple of days.

Call us with any questions at 651-600-6412 or toll free at 877-543-3577.
We’re here to help.

Thank you!