My name is Jennifer.  My first job is being a mom to my three little boys, but I’m also starting a personal history business. I currently teach a Guided Autobiography class and hope to expand my business to include audio interviews to help people reflect on and capture their life stories.

The idea of ethical wills (however I didn’t know there was an actual term or practice in this at the time) and recording life stories came sharply into focus for me when I had my first child.  I became deeply fearful that if something was to ever happen to me (or heaven forbid me and my husband) that our child would not have any idea who I was and how much I love him.

I believe that sharing your life stories, your wisdom, your love, blessings, forgiveness… all of those things that are sometimes difficult to actually say out loud in conversation but so desperately need to be said and heard is vitally healing and soul-reaching for the people who both give and receive the messages and stories.

So glad to be here!


I’m Thelma, a resident of Houston.  I’m a speech pathologist and a writer, a mother, grandmother, pet owner, overall busy person.  I’ve been interested in ethical wills since I read a brief article in AARP’s magazine some years ago.  I’m delighted at the chance to write one and get feedback from others.