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Hospice and Palliative Care Programs

Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters are a means of recording and sharing your values, beliefs, faith, life lessons, hopes, love and forgiveness with family, friends and community. The training program is designed to assist hospice and palliative care patients in completing this tangible ‘voice of the heart’. The result provides peace of mind to hospice patients by ensuring they will live on in the hearts and memories of their loved ones.

Hospice staff and volunteers complete this training to become certified LegacyNavigators®. Utilizing our guided writing resources, facilitators conduct personalized writing sessions with patients and their families to complete their Ethical Will/Legacy Letter.

This innovative program has been shown to improve the quality of life of hospice patients in a number of important areas. Examples include improved family relationships, a renewed sense of purpose and meaning, and even reports of improved physical and mental health.

Additionally, both qualitative and anecdotal evidence reveals a wide range of benefits for staff including, gaining a deeper understanding of their patients and feeling greater job satisfaction. Volunteers gain a sense of providing meaningful activities to engage hospice patients.

The resulting Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters can be preserved in beautifully embossed folders or designed into a legacy book through our team of Preservation Specialists.