Programs for Organizations & Communities

Healthcare Organizations

Health care organizations are committing themselves to increasing patient engagement and motivation in an effort to achieve sustainable positive behavior change.

An improved sense of well being, and identifying our internal resources and reasons for positive health behaviors, are directly related to what is contained in our personal narratives…our values, life lessons, hopes, wisdom, and stories.

Our Legacy Journey® pathway programs, designed for health coaches, citizen professionals working in healthcare settings, and community volunteers may be the innovation healthcare organizations are looking for to achieve this positive change.

Healthcare Organization Benefits

  • Potential to improve health outcomes.
  • Distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Deeper understanding of each client’s needs and situation.

Client/Patient/Member Benefits

  • Improved quality of life and well being.
  • Potential impact on depression remission
  • Additional motivation to support positive, sustainable behavior change.

Learn how our custom training programs can be tailored to your organization.