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Integrating Life and Financial Legacy Decisions

It is no longer enough to help your clients achieve financial security and wealth transfer. This generation of clients also wants to make sure their life is in order, and that they are prepared to enjoy their expected greater longevity with purpose, vitality, independence, and wellness. Ultimately, they are seeking ways to leave more than just their financial legacy to their loved ones and communities.

Imagine if you were able to help your clients work from a position of strength by focusing more on what really matters in their lives and helping them define and share their values, stories, life lessons, family traditions, and passions. Our current findings indicate that when life and financial decisions are made in concert, client’s gain greater peace of mind, financial and estate decisions are made with greater clarity, and the trusted relationship with their planners or advisors often grows deeper and expands beyond the generations.

Until recently, “legacy” has focused primarily on what we wish to leave behind for our loved ones or bequeath as financial gifts or assets to our communities. It is now very clear that creating an enduring legacy should also include the process of defining and sharing our life legacy of values, stories, and generosity with our loved ones as this process helps to inform and inspire our planning and life transition decisions. This new expanded definition of legacy also provides many immediate and personal benefits to the individuals who are creating their legacy, including finding greater life purpose, resiliency, family connections, and wellness.

So why aren’t more planners and advisors including this critical life legacy component in their financial and estate planning practices? Until recently it has been difficult to find expert, efficient, and meaningful support for professionals and organizations to bring these invaluable services to their clients or to dedicate the appropriate time needed to address these important client life needs.

However, we have noted a growing trend where some forward thinking planners/advisors are beginning to see the benefits of this expanded legacy process. In response, they are currently providing a template or book to encourage their clients to complete this critical work. Unfortunately, without a structured process and integrated follow-up for their clients, good intentions or life circumstances most often get in the way of completion.

Celebrations of Life developed an innovative Legacy Journey® experience to enhance your planning discussions and client decisions. This enhanced life legacy process can also help your clients live their lives with greater intention, share their wisdom and values in an impactful and meaningful way, and inspire and engage their loved ones as they carry their family legacy forward by living generous and purposeful lives.

We offer a variety of Legacy Journey programs and flexible delivery options to financial and estate planning professionals and organizations. Please schedule a complementary phone conference or personal meeting to allow us to assist you in finding the best solution to meet the needs of your clients and your team.

Learn how this innovative program can be tailored to your organization:

Organization Benefits

  • Increase revenue, assets under management and client engagement.
  • Deepen your understanding of each client’s needs, passions and priorities.
  • Offer value-added services without additional work from your team.
  • Enhance client and family relationships and improve referrals.
  • Create unique market differentiation and positive community outreach.

Client/Member Benefits

  • Help clients live their lives more intentionally.
  • Define what is important in life, family and giving.
  • Provide a solid foundation for financial, estate, retirement, transition and philanthropic decisions.
  • Improve intergenerational communication and relationships.
  • Ensure peace of mind knowing their life is in order.
  • Offer a cherished gift for family and future generations to treasure.

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