Making a Difference Plan Examples

Making a Difference Plan Example #1

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This Making a Difference Plan was written by a grandmother who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

My Vision:

I envision a world where all children have healthy, nutritious food because I know what it feels like to go hungry.

My Areas of Focus:

• Second Harvest Heartland in St. Paul – food bank and distribution center.
• Neighborhood House in West St. Paul – food shelf and settlement center.
• Naomi’s Family Center in St. Paul – women’s shelter.

My Motivations and Influences:

As a young girl, my family often survived on the throw-away crops from nearby farms and generous handouts from friends and family. While our meals were not always well balanced or of the best of quality, I am alive today because of the generosity of others. I vowed that when I grew up, my family would have healthy, nutritious food to eat and I would donate whatever food possible to help families in need within my community.

My Actions:

  1. Attend a presentation at Second Harvest Heartland with my children and grandchildren to understand the food needs in our community and volunteer twice each year to support the families that require these services.
  2. Each month, join my family in shopping for requested food items and delivering them to the Neighborhood House.
  3. Each Thanksgiving, volunteer to prepare and serve dinner to homeless families at Naomi’s Family Center.

My Summary:

I would like my family and friends to remember me by continuing to carry on my efforts to fight hunger. While we may not be able to eliminate world hunger in my lifetime, together we can make a significant impact in our local communities.