Making a Difference Plans Your Legacy of Generosity

How to Write a Making a Difference Plan

There are several ways to approach the task, with varying degrees of help and guidance.

Approach #1: Follow the steps outlined below.

First, create a compelling generosity vision. Bringing the motivation and excitement to your plan, a generosity vision should reflect your values, stand for something you are passionate about that’s bigger than yourself, and be tangible and specific. Here are some questions to help you create an inspirational generosity vision.

  • What are you most passionate about at this stage of your life?
  • What do you feel is in need of the most attention in your family, community or the world?
  • If you had a magic wand and could fix anything in the world to make it better, what would you do and how?
  • What are the causes, interests or opportunities you and your family members can collectively support?
  • How would you like to be remembered?

Having reflected on the passions that inspire you, begin to define the specific causes and organizations you will support, and the goals and actions required to achieve your vision.

  • Create a goal for each cause or organization you are passionate about.
  • Under each of your goals, list specific action steps you will take to make a difference.
  • Include how you will share your Goals and Action Plan with your loved ones and engage them in your efforts.
  • Do a reality test and make sure that you haven’t taken on too much. If you have, reduce your number of actions or expand the timeline to achieve your goals.
  • Determine how often you will monitor your progress and when you would like your family to get together to celebrate your accomplishments.

Your vision may remain constant for a number of years, but your goals and actions will need to be updated periodically.

Approach #2: Use guided writing exercises.

Writing exercises that prompt you in a variety of ways to explore your values, experiences, and influences can remind you of things that might not surface to awareness otherwise, and can help bring more richness and clarity to your vision. The Making a Difference Plan Workbook has been developed for this approach.

Approach #3:

Have a facilitator work with you personally to guide you through the process. Certified Legacy Facilitators are available to coach you through your Legacy Journey® via phone consultations, in-person sessions or group writing workshops.

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