Making a Difference Plans – OLD Your Legacy of Generosity

How will you make a difference and leave the world a better place? The Making a Difference Plan is not solely about leaving a financial legacy to your heirs. It is an intentional plan to help you positively impact the people and causes you care most about by focusing your time, talents and resources. You will learn how to go beyond being charitable and create a legacy of generosity by clarifying your passions, vision, goals and actions. You’ll teach and inspire your loved ones to live compassionately by modeling your behavior, sharing meaningful activities together, and achieving tangible, beneficial results.

This exciting, multi-generational journey can begin now with the creation of your Making a Difference Plan. Our engaging resources will help you create a personal, family and generational commitment to making a difference.

By modeling our behavior and living a generous
life, we inspire and teach the next generation to
live compassionately and to experience the joy of
knowing that we can each make a difference, at
every stage of our lives.

Have a Legacy Facilitator guide you through the process
– OR –
Use the Making a Difference Plan Workbook, which includes prompts and examples to get you started.

Real-Life Examples of Making a Difference Plans

Preserving your Making a Difference Plan