52 Ways to Create a Life of Celebration & PurposeFor you and those in your life.

Life SlicesMade for sharing, giving and reflecting, Life Slices invite those in your life circle – whether personal, at work, or in your community — to explore new paths on their journey toward creating a life that is meaningful, engaging, and intentional.

Each of the 52 Life Slice cards is a beautiful personal lens through which we can view both our realities and possibilities. Each can help us focus as we make choices about how we want to relate to others, how we want to spend our time and energy, and how we want to sustain a sense of purpose in living. Some slices introduce new ideas and paths, some offer new twists on familiar themes, and some serve as gentle reminders about life lessons we may have already learned.

Choose a card to set your intentions for the week or use them whenever your spirit moves you. Enjoy seeing ordinary things that become truly extraordinary when viewed from another perspective.

A timeless gift from your heart that keeps on giving. Arrives beautifully wrapped and ready to display on the enclosed handmade oak stand. Enjoy your Life Slices.

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