How do you get to the heart of what really matters? A Life Reflection Story is not a lengthy memoir or autobiography. It is a continuum of short stories and reflections to share the life lessons, wisdom and inspiration gained from the experiences of living your life so far. It can help you live more intentionally by defining your life purpose and direction. Your loved ones will benefit from your insights and wisdom, a connection to their past, a better understanding of who they are, and real life examples to guide them along their life journeys.

Our engaging resources, preservation options, online tools or certified facilitators will help you uncover the meaningful nuggets of wisdom to share in your Life Reflection Story. Everyone who has lived their life has a story to share with current and future generations. Your Life Reflection Story is truly a gift and a blessing when shared with your loved ones.

Sharing the stories of our unique experiences,
life lessons and nuggets of wisdom helps us find
purpose in our lives, and provides a touchstone
for our loved ones and future generations.

Have a Legacy Facilitator guide you through the process
– OR –
Use the tools below to help you do it on your own.