A Legacy Journey®

The significance of our values, wisdom and generosity is fully realized when shared with our loved ones and future generations.

A heartfelt letter to summarize and share your:

  • Values
  • Faith
  • Beliefs
  • Hopes for the future
  • Life lessons
  • Love
  • Forgiveness

How do you want to be remembered? An Ethical Will – also referred to as a Legacy Letter – is a heartfelt expression of what truly matters most in your life. This Legacy Journey® pathway helps you frame your thoughts and ideas for writing your values legacy. Engaging exercises will help you create a draft of your Ethical Will/Legacy Letter by the end of the program. This may be one of the most cherished and meaningful gifts you give yourself, your family and your community.

We all want to be remembered and
everyone leaves something behind.
Sharing the voice of our heart.

A continuum of short stories to share the life lessons and wisdom gained from your experiences so far.

  • Connects your family history and culture to the present.
  • Includes stories of celebrations and struggles.
  • Provides real life examples to understand life’s complexities.
  • Shares your gratitude, love and wishes.
  • Transfers wisdom, knowledge, compassion and inspiration.
  • A gift and blessing when shared with your loved ones.

How do you get to the heart of what really matters? This pathway helps you live intentionally by defining your life purpose and direction. Your loved ones will benefit from your insights and wisdom, a connection to their past, a better understanding of who they are, and real life examples to guide them along their life journeys. We’ll help you uncover the meaningful nuggets to share in your Life Reflection Stories. Everyone who has lived their life has a story to share with current and future generations.

Sharing the stories of our unique experiences,
life lessons and nuggets of wisdom helps us find
purpose in our lives, and provides a touchstone
for our loved ones and future generations.

A personal, family and generational commitment to making a difference.

  • Going beyond being charitable and creating a legacy of generosity.
  • Focusing your efforts while giving of your time, talents and resources.
  • Sharing meaningful activities to model your behavior.
  • Teaching and inspiring the next generation to live compassionately.

How will you make a difference and leave the world a better place? This pathway provides the steps to help you create an intentional plan to positively impact the people and causes you care most about. You will have an opportunity to clarify your generosity passions, vision, goals and actions. You’ll also learn how to engage your loved ones in the process of enacting those goals for tangible, beneficial results. This exciting, multi-generational journey can begin now with the creation of your Making a Difference Plan.

By modeling our behavior and living a generous
life, we inspire and teach the next generation to
live compassionately and to experience the joy of
knowing that we can each make a difference, at
every stage of our lives.