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1.4 What they are-Examples-History-How to-Reading examples.

Three Ethical Will/Legacy Letter Examples. Choose one of the three.

While in his 60′s, Ray wrote this draft of his ethical will which he sees as a work in progress.

Bettina was 29 years old when she died. This letter to her family and friends was read at her Memorial service.

Kim’s ethical will illustrates the appeal of a written legacy for a person in her 50′s without children. She shared hers with friends and other family members.

1.5 Blank sheet of paper approach- I Remember (Exercise 1).

1.6 ‘Linking the Generations’ (Exercise 2)

1.7 ‘What I Learned’ and Successes/Challenges/Life Lessons/Regrets (Exercises 3 and 4)

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