Ethical Will Examples Written by people at different stages of life

Ethical Will of Ray, Age 65

Ray wrote this draft of his ethical will while participating in a program to become a Celebrations of Life Legacy Facilitator.
12/29/1938 – ___________
What I have learned so far on the dash

Dear Michelle, Dan and my dearest Stephanie,

First of all I want you to know how important all of you are in my life journey and how much I love you. It was seldom that my full-blooded Irish father said the words “I love you” but we never doubted it for an instant. I am sorry that you, Michelle (Mik) and Dan (Daniel Patrick Joseph Paul) never knew you Irish Grandpa but your good humor and hard work carry on his spirit and the gleam in his eye is there in each of yours. I have tried hard to be a conduit to you from him. Of course your French Grandpa Turgeon knew you Michelle. I wish he had known you better Dan, since you were only two when he died. I am so glad that he permitted this Irishman to marry his only daughter.

Education has been very important to me throughout my life so far. My mother and dad nurtured that love of learning. They taught me that it is not so much degrees or certificates as it is about being better prepared to serve people’s needs more efficiently and effectively. I can see that you have both learned that well. Michelle, as I told you before, you are a great mother to Emily and her brother yet to be born (7 aka VII). I’m sure you absorbed much of that mother love and dedication from your mom who did such a good job as mother to you and Dan. The magic and love that you and Bob have for each other is certainly a huge factor in your parenting. Bob has always been just like a big brother to Dan and I am so proud that he is part of our family.

Travel has always been a top priority with me. Seeing new places and the amazing variety of God’s creation has been a fun ride. I like the challenges of imagining what to do from camping and biking across Canada to visiting most of the western states. I usually come up with the “great ideas” and you, Stephanie, the practical one, helped us know how to do it. I hope you continue to remember the good times we had and still do. Sometimes it is just a great trip downtown on the light rail or a quick canoe ride, swim and picnic at Cedar Lake. Those “mini-vacations” always replenish my spirit and my hope is that they will continue to do that for you too. Sometimes I have found that the short simple travels are easy and unencumbered.

I am still working hard, and probably will for the rest of my dash, on being able and willing to ask for help. You are always there Stephanie and often anticipate most every need of the three of us. In recent times we have learned the power of the prayer of Jabez and God has indeed blessed us, enlarged our territory (and our family). I am so glad that God protects and supports us daily.

One last thought from me through the words of Father Mychal Judge who died in the 9/11 debacle: “Lord, take me where you want me to go, let me meet who you want me to meet, tell me what you want me to say, and keep me out of your way” My hope for you is that you would join me in asking God to bless your days as you live the rest of your dash in the spirit of Mychal’s prayer.

I love all of you with all my heart and soul. I pray that all of us continue to have health happiness and prosperity and generously contribute to the lives and welfare of those we meet.

Dad(dy) and Lover