Ethical Will Examples Written by people at different stages of life

Ethical Will of William, Age 85

William is a deeply religious individual who has drawn on his faith for strength throughout his life. His son has added this ethical will as a preamble to his dad’s ‘last will and testament’.
I, William I. G, a servant of Jesus Christ through Whom I have obtained access to God’s grace, rejoicing in my hope of sharing the glory of God, and in anticipation of my entry into the Kingdom of Heaven, do make this Will / Trust disposing of my worldly possessions. Amen.


1.- I believe in the most wise, righteous, and gracious God, creator of heaven and Earth, Who has given me salvation through Jesus Christ and Who has proclaimed His love for this world through the Holy Scriptures.

2.- I believe in God the Father Almighty and His only Son, Jesus Christ, born of the virgin Mary. I believe in the sinless life of Jesus, His miracles, His atoning death and His resurrection and His ascension to the right hand of God. I believe in the resurrection and the life everlasting. I warmly and lovingly commend the Saviour to my dear family and urge each one to yield to His Lordship this day.


1.- To my precious family, I express my deep, unyielding love, for they were a great part of my life. Whatever transgressions they have have committed – which I have not previously forgiven – know that they are, through the grace of God, forgiven. In like manner, I beseech each and every one in my family whom I might have offended to forgive me, drawing upon the riches of God’s outrageous grace to put any and all such iniquities under the blood of the perfect Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world.

2.- I have had many trying experiences in my life and I know that only through the power, strength, and the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit of God, have I been sustained. Consequently when any of my family face these and similar difficulties and heartaches, I urge each one to turn at once to Christ Jesus, His Holy Word, and the fellowship of the redeemed, His Church for help and succor.

Furthermore, I would ask and even urge each of my three children, grandchildren, and progeny down to the tenth generation, to live unashamedly and gladly for our Saviour, Jesus Christ and in active, regular fellowship with His Church, giving generously to the cause of Christ, daily reading His Word, sharing boldly the Good News of Christ with others, and serving humbly the needy, both far and near. Amen.