Ethical Will Examples: Extended Collection Written by people at different stages of life

Ethical Will of a Grandmother in her Mid-60’s

This is an ethical will written by a “mother, grandmother, and friend”. She is in her mid 60’s.
Dear Family and Friends,

These are four values that I have been integrating since the 40’s. They have been increasing more important in my life. I hope that you may read these four verities and take them on your own life’s journey.

Do good and avoid evil. Starting with murder, work your way down through finer forms, theft, etc., toward more positive view of what God (or whoever you consider your higher power) has given and is giving to you each day’s talents, beauty in people and nature, and gifts. Say thanks and take a look at how you are using them.

Statements cohere as carefully to perception of facts. For fun we distort. In stress or anxiety not. Practice expressing to the person you disagree with. See if you can agree just on facts. Ask an opponent’s help in staying straight. Practice expressing disagreements without causing or intending personal hurt.

The warmth and nurture of the creation of each of us and the gift of love. The dearness of the joy we give and take in our loves for each other, for friends and relatives, for pets, for good food, and fixing it for each other. Through expressing love through beautiful things, we make and play for each other and maybe, most of all, for sitting still in silence with one we love and who loves us. The flames and wonder of passion, the still spin of quiet love.

Give yourselves for small things: small time to music, architecture, painting, sculpture, and any of the uses of tones, colors, shapes, and structuring space. See how it stretches and deepens you for other experiences. The beauty of nature predominately perhaps but man’s imitations are not bad either.

Social justice does not appear directly in these four values, but it grows out of them. As people live these out, may they live with equality and justice. We are born as beautiful seeds. Given the right love and equality and along with many good practices, all can grow into beautiful people of creation.

Goodbye, love and have good lives. Enjoy them and learn from them.

Your mother, grandmother, and friend.