Ethical Will Examples: Extended Collection Written by people at different stages of life

Ethical Will of Joe, Age 42

Joe writes about the process of creating an ethical will:

I am 42 years old. I have been interested in family history and legacy work for many years. I enjoy writing and contemplating significant issues.

I find that the ethical will format brings meaningful writing and family history together into a quality heirloom. I also think ethical wills are a great compliment to estate plans. I have written me ethical will at this time of my life to express what is meaningful to me now. I hope to compare this document to others I may write over the course of my life.

My wife has also written ethical will. I have tried to interest other people in ethical wills and have offered to assist them where necessary.

I see ethical wills as the cap stone of legacy writing – the proverbial last word!

Dear family and friends:

I want you to know what is important to me so I’m sharing these words
with you.

Life is a miracle, look around in wonder! I find wisdom in the balance of a natural ecosystem – please help keep the earth a healthy place to live. Think globally, act locally.and laugh at it all. Live in balance with the universe. The universe is whole, and we are whole too.

Follow your passion, vision, dreams and calling. By following my calling, I developed Gnaw Stick Verse and its art, poetry, perspective and spirituality. I may not be religious in the traditional sense but I am a seeker of the good life and its positive values. Learning leads to knowledge and that leads to wisdom, a goal for us all to pursue.

Learn from experience. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Creativity is the essence of life. Live honesty with yourself and you will have an honest life. In your honesty you will be ‘the truth’.

Seek out poets that touch your soul. I’ve enjoyed the Sufis of late. Be free, run barefoot every year of your life. Freedom to be you is true freedom. Don’t forget, the worldly dance is a seductive illusion.

I am particularly fond of sunsets. A good sunset is better than a great poem!

Seek love, sow love, I hope you find love and maybe even a soul mate to share life with. We are all soul mates in various degrees, and we are soul mates to ourselves too! We are one universe. Look for love especially in silence. Live love!

I hope you remember our good times. Forgive my trespasses and omissions.

A meaningful life feeds the spirit of all life.

You have all been a great source of life to me.

Amen, Namaste, Ho Mitakuye Owas in, Halleluiah, Aum.

Joe Rising