Ethical Will Examples: Extended Collection Written by people at different stages of life

Ethical Will of a Mother and Grandmother

This author was the mother of four children and grandmother of five. She was in her early 50’s at the time of her death. She hand wrote copies of this will to all of her children on personally-designed stationary. Her favorite TV show was “All My Children” so she provided this title to her ethical will.

To All My Children

My dear children:

You must know by now how very much I love each and every one of you. In happy times and tough times we have always supported each other as a family.

My wish is for each of you to accomplish something in life. Follow your dreams, never give up, and be happy along the way.

I have made mistakes, nobody is perfect, but I always had your best interest in mind, and always did the best I could to the best of my ability.

God has blessed me with beautiful, loving, good-hearted children. I feel your love every day and that gives me strength. I also want to express my love and say thanks to my sons-in-law, “RK” and “R”, and my daughters-in-law, “T”, and “D”, for their support and care.

To my beautiful, sweet grandchildren “S”, “B”, “J”, “C”, and “B”, who give special meaning to my life. Their innocence and the love they give me so freely fills my heart with happiness. When I watch all of you with your children, I feel so proud to see how much you love them and they love you in return.

Forgiveness, compassion, love, responsibility, and hope, are all-important words in my book. I hope that someday you can all get closer to your father. We all need to be loved and feel needed.

I have always been there for you and will continue to do so, to advise you, if you ask, or just to listen.

Life is full of memories and I have had my share of them. Try to remember and hold on to all the good memories we have shared together.

I also have some regrets, but who doesn’t. Life is not always fair. Sometimes we just accept what we cannot change. Forgive me if I have hurt you in any way or if I have been too hard on you at times. Just remember, a mother’s love is true and endless.

Try to find joy and beauty in the simple, ordinary things that life has to offer. Time is precious, do not waste it or take it for granted.

I love you all forever,