Ethical Will Examples: Extended Collection Written by people at different stages of life

Ethical Will of a WW2 Veteran

This ethical will was written by a World War II veteran. He was probably in his 70’s. There isn’t much background information on this author. His ethical will was found by his son as he was going through his deceased father’s papers.
I leave my children the wish that they have:

A sense of Justice.
A respect for nature.
Outrage at man’s inhumanity to man.
Assurance of the equality of all people.
Strength to oppose tyranny.
Belief that every life is invaluable.
Insight that those more blessed will share.
Tolerance for all.
Contentment in their being.
Joy in life.
Pride in each other and family.

And the summation of all these wishes is that you live a full, active Jewish life which will, by its very nature, cause all these things to come to pass.

All love,
Your father