Seeking a Meaningful & Flexible Career? Legacy Navigators help clients live their lives with purpose and leave a meaningful legacy.

Legacy is much more than what we leave behind as assets and objects for our loved ones. It is also how we live our lives intentionally while we are here, and how we teach and inspire our loved ones to … Continue reading →

It’s never too soon to consider our own legacy

Gail Rosenblum, a writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper, published an article 9/21 on a ‘mini-workshop’ on Ethical Wills/Legacy letters that I facilitated for the Minneapolis and St. Paul Chapters of Hadassah on 9/14. With the Jewish New Year … Continue reading →

How do you navigate living a good life? Here's a special life compass to help you.

We all want to feel that our lives mattered, that we… Were loved and in love Took care of ourselves and our loved ones Lived with gratitude and purpose Made a difference in the lives of others Carry few or … Continue reading →

A Story of Love, Honor & Celebration for your Parents & Grandparents The eulogy is too late!

How can we ever say thank you for everything our parents and grandparents have done to make our lives easier and richer? To honor the many challenges they have overcome and the wisdom they have gained along their life journeys? … Continue reading →

Not a Crabby Old Woman Seeing our Elders through their Rich Stories

A dear friend and family physician recently shared a poem entitled, Not a Crabby Old Woman (author unknown). It serves as a good reminder of how easy it is to label an elderly patient under our care when they are … Continue reading →

Positive Aging through Life Legacies & Stories Celebrating Lives of Senior Residents & Hospice Patients

“I do feel like this project has enabled all of us to really celebrate my mother. To me, that’s what this is all about, and to really recognize what she’s passed on to us and celebrate that in ourselves. It … Continue reading →

Aging brings more advanced problem solving skills. Life Slices - Creativity

        If you recognize opportunities in problems, then life becomes a continuous festival of being given one chance after another to enhance your creative potential. Contrary to popular belief that our brain power declines as we age, … Continue reading →

What Does Legacy Mean to You?

This is the first of four articles on legacy by Barry Baines and Tracie Bluse Ward, Celebrations of Life. They were published on the Amplifier Hub. What comes to mind when you hear the word Legacy?  ‘Something handed down from one generation … Continue reading →