Becoming a Certified, Independent Facilitator



LifeSAGErs are Certified Facilitators who help individuals, couples, and their families celebrate their lives in meaningful, lasting ways utilizing all three Legacy Journey pathways: values, wisdom and generosity. They are typically independent business owners trained and certified by Celebrations of Life to use facilitated group workshops and individual writing sessions to guide their clients in choosing how their values, wisdom, and generosity goals will be defined, experienced, communicated, and remembered. LifeSAGErs also coordinate the preservation of clients’ Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters, Life Reflection Stories, and Making a Difference Plans through a centralized team of Preservation Specialists. Engaging in Celebrations of Life’s Legacy Journey process is deeply meaningful for clients and their families, and personally, professionally and financially rewarding for the legacy facilitators.

LifeSAGErs come from a variety of related and complementary fields, and while some are writers, this is not a requirement. As independent legacy business owners, LifeSAGErs develop and serve their own client base within their local market and/or they may work in partnership with various organizations to meet the Legacy Journey needs of their clients. Some of these markets include estate and financial planning practices, senior living communities, wellness and healing organizations, life coaching practices, communities of faith, and non-profit organizations.

As a LifeSAGEr, you’ll be on the leading edge of a dynamic legacy movement. Your work and business will be instrumental in helping new generations of adults and seniors re-imagine legacy, retirement, wellness, and positive life transitions. Why reinvent the wheel when you can benefit from Celebrations of Life’s proven training model, tools, resources, leads and ongoing business support?

Register for our five-day, in-person LifeSAGEr training programs or register for each of the three legacy pathway training sessions one at a time. You pay the full price for the first online program, then receive a discount of $200 off the second online program, and $300 off the third online program. Contact Tracie Ward for more information.