Legacy is much more than what we leave behind as assets and objects for our loved ones. It is also how we live our lives intentionally while we are here, and how we teach and inspire our loved ones to live their lives with love, compassion and purpose long after we are gone. As humans, we are hardwired to share our values, wisdom and generosity as we mature. However, there is a considerable gap between recognizing the importance of this work and actually getting it done while we are healthy and our memory still serves us well.

To help guide and inspire individuals to complete this important work, Celebrations of Life Services Inc. trains and certifies independent Legacy Navigators® both in the U.S. and Internationally. They facilitate small group workshops and coach individual clients (typically age 40 and better) through the Legacy Journey® programming in their local communities. Facilitators may be trained in Life Reflection Stories to help their clients share their wisdom and life lessons; Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters to help share their values, love and gratitude; and/or Making a Difference Plans to help inspire and model how to live generously through their time, talents and treasures.

Learn how one of our legacy facilitators, Beatriz Cymberknopf, is helping clients in her Florida community share how they wish to be remembered by their loved ones through the creation of a Legacy Letter. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/florida-jewish-journal/news/palm/fl-jjpc-legacy-0201-20170130-story.html.

Beatriz poses the question, “What do you think is more important: Instructions for what to do with your possessions when you are gone or a representation of what you found important in life and the values you want to pass on to your loves ones?”

If you’re seeking a more meaningful career or desire to launch a rewarding business where you can positively impact the lives of each of your clients and touch the hearts of their families and future generations, consider becoming a Legacy Navigator. Celebrations of Life’s legacy facilitator training includes instruction on how to utilize our proven processes and writing resources, business and marketing coaching, preservation options, ongoing support, and more than ten years of expertise. We will help you develop a core competency in facilitating the Legacy Journey programming as well as help you launch and grow a successful legacy business in as little as a few months. And because you are trained as an independent facilitator rather than as a franchisee, the cost of creating your legacy business is very low. You also set your own prices and hours for your services and develop your own clients within your local market.

In addition to our independent facilitators, Celebrations of Life trains and certifies organization-based employees to bring this important legacy work to senior living organizations, hospice programs, non-profits and faith-based communities. Or we will customize a legacy program for estate planners or financial advisors to help them serve the generational needs of their clients.

It’s a New Year and time to get going on your life and career decisions. Let us help you determine if the Legacy Journey facilitator training is right for you or your organization. Why wait when you have an opportunity to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life in 2017 and beyond?

Learn more about our facilitator training at: https://celebrationsoflife.net/careers/ or call us at 651.600.6412.

We look forward to welcoming you to our exceptional international legacy team!

Tracie Bluse Ward

President & Founder

Celebrations of Life Services Inc.


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