Our Life Reflection Story program was featured last week in the New York Times – Telling Their Life Stories, Older Adults Find Peace in Looking Back!

The article shares many ways in which reminiscing and life stories can benefit older adults. We have also found in the seven years since we launched our program, Life Reflection Stories are a simple tool that can bring greater purpose, gratitude and meaning to our lives at any age. And unlike lengthy memoirs or autobiographies, they are distinct in the following ways:

  • They can be completed in much less time and more economically
  • They tend to get to the essence of a person’s life experiences and wisdom rather than a myriad of personal facts and dates
  • The process is a proven and engaging alternative to help capture our life lessons and wisdom at any stage throughout our lifetime
  • And the process is designed to be either self-directed or utilized in a one-on-one or group setting

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Life Reflection Stories should not be reserved for the rich and famous, nor should we wait until end of life when we can no longer remember our stories. Each of us has gained valuable life experiences and lessons along our life journey. They should be shared so that we may find greater joy and purpose in living our lives going forward. They also provide invaluable nuggets of wisdom and insights to help our loved ones navigate the complexities of their life journeys. Think of your stories and wisdom as a generational gift that keeps on giving.

Here are three ways to engage in the Life Reflection Story program anytime along your life journey, but don’t wait!

  1. Personally: Our virtual writing program or self-directed workbook will help you reflect and capture your life wisdom as you navigate life transitions and seek ways to live your life with greater purpose. It’s never too early to begin your life reflections as this unique approach allows you to share with your loved ones the core milestones and experiences from your life as you lived so far, and then to continue writing throughout your lifetime if you wish.
  2. With your Parents: Our workbooks provide the prompts and tips to help you work with your aging parents as they reflect and share their stories during your visits. What a wonderful way to show your gratitude for your parents’ sacrifices and love, to help them make sense of their struggles and life lessons, to help them find joy and peace knowing their life really mattered, and to create meaningful connections throughout the generations.
  3. Within your Senior Living Community: Our certified facilitator training will help you bring engaging and efficient programming to the residents at your senior living community. Residents will enjoy sharing their life experiences and lessons with other residents through onsite, group workshops. And they will enjoy sharing their life stories with loved ones through a beautiful keepsake book or when they are honored during a book-signing or celebration event. Measurable outcomes from the program include enhancing quality of life, engagement and vitality for seniors. In some cases, the program has significantly addressed feelings of isolation and depression in seniors.


A new year is rapidly approaching. As you seek greater purpose, gratitude and meaning in your life, a Life Reflection Story workbook or program could help you keep your New Year’s resolutions and put you on the path of truly living your life as you wish to be remembered!®

Celebrations of Life Services Inc. is based in Minneapolis, MN. The company serves individuals, families, certified facilitators and organizations both nationally and internationally as they seek meaningful ways to live life with intention and share their values, wisdom and generosity with loved ones and future generations. Contact us at info@celebrationsoflife.net or 651-600-6412.


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