Life Reflection Stories go further than providing a historical account of our lives. Based on our life experiences as lived so far, they can help us share nuggets of wisdom with our loved ones to help them along their life journeys. They can also help us find greater purpose in our own lives.

I recently read a great article by Carmen Nigro published by the New York Public Library highlighting: 20 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Family History. I believe you will find it to be a helpful and quick summary and I hope it inspires you to share your stories.

Then I would like to go one step further and suggest another reason for sharing our stories. This compelling 21st reason is based upon the Legacy Journey® work we provide through our international group of certified facilitators serving families, seniors, hospice patients, donors, financial/estate planning clients, and members of faith-based communities.

bigstock_Portrait_of_family_-_IS__-___21051524We have found that when individuals at any age take the time to reflect and share just 10-20 short stories about their family history, culture, life experiences, opportunities, challenges, gratitude, etc., they are able to communicate their nuggets of wisdom, values and life lessons to the next generation in a very positive and instructive way. Their loved ones in turn are able to “walk in their shoes” and learn from these stories in a way that is helpful and even transformational as they continue along their own life journeys. Additionally, the writer is able to objectively view their life as lived so far and gain a greater sense of purpose or life priorities going forward. Furthermore, in a time when many families live far from one another and are pulled in so many directions, we are always amazed at how powerful stories can be in deepening family relationships.

Our Life Reflection Story workbooks, virtual programs and certified facilitators have made a significant impact in helping many people enjoy the tremendous benefits of sharing their stories without feeling overwhelmed with lengthy or expensive memoir or autobiography writing processes. Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to reflect, write and share their stories for themselves, their loved ones and their communities. This wonderful gift will be cherished by your family and friends and it will keep on giving throughout the generations.

Don’t wait — you will be amazed at how fun and engaging it can be to share your life stories, wisdom, values and experiences when you have meaningful and affordable resources to help you along the way. Learn more or see samples of Life Reflection Stories on our website at

Or if you would like to learn more about bringing these important services to your clients, patients or members, please visit our organization-specific programs and/or our certified facilitator training programs.

Life Reflection Stories can help you live your life as you wish to be remembered

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