Eva and Judy photoHow can we ever say thank you for everything our parents and grandparents have done to make our lives easier and richer? To honor the many challenges they have overcome and the wisdom they have gained along their life journeys? To celebrate a life lived well?

A Life Reflection Story and celebration event is a wonderful, heartfelt way to honor our parents and grandparents while they are still living. Don’t wait! The best time to get started is now, while they are able to share their remarkable stories and memories, and while they are here to enjoy a true celebration of their life.

Judy’s mother Eva is in a nursing home, and at age 93 she is growing weaker. Judy and her family wanted to honor Eva in a very special way. So they each wrote about their wonderful memories and adoration for her. Her family presented the finished book to Eva and celebrated her extraordinary life while she is able to enjoy their loving tributes.

Judy commented, “My mother and family continue to get great pleasure from Eva’s beautiful book and story. We will always treasure it!” Here are two excerpts from the book.

I’ve been working on a legacy letter about Mom/Grandma which includes memories from several of us as shared throughout this book. I am so happy that we are providing these remembrances to pass down to the next generation. I want Mom to be remembered for the very strong, resilient, positive person that she is…

I was and am very proud of Mom in so many ways. I’m especially impressed with her strength as a young woman in Nazi Europe when Hitler was in power. She was in Austria when the Nazis took over in 1938… (Her full story can be read online.)

You will see that it doesn’t require a long, expensive endeavor to honor and celebrate the lives of our parents and grandparents. Our Life Reflection Story resources or one of our certified legacy facilitators can help you get started. When your story is ready, our writers, designers and printers will help you publish a beautiful and affordable keepsake for each member of your family to cherish forever.

The saddest comment we hear is, “I wish I would have honored my parent/grandparent while they were still alive.”

Please accept this heartfelt nudge to inspire you to get moving, before it’s too late. This exceptional gift of love, honor and celebration will last forever.



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