028 Identity FRONTSelf-knowledge opens the door to growth and self-acceptance no matter our age or stage of life. If we know ourselves, we can anticipate our reactions and behaviors, work to change what doesn’t serve us well, effortlessly act in accordance with our values and beliefs, and grow into our best selves.

If we don’t know which parts of ourselves we are happy with, proud of, or want to develop, we won’t have a solid foundation for lifelong growth or for living our lives with intention. The Legacy Journey® can help you use your sense of self-awareness and your capacity for self-reflection to cultivate self-knowledge.

As Dr. Barry Baines and I work in many venues across the country serving clients and families in financial planning organizations, non-profits, senior living communities, and faith-based organizations, we have found that many people express a desire to live their lives with greater intention. They are often looking for insights into what really makes them tick, particularly as they travel through life’s many challenges, transitions and milestones.

While there is no magic wand to help you find all the answers you may be looking for, the Legacy Journey® can help you uncover your true identity and help you live your life with greater purpose. Self-knowledge begins with self-reflection. By understanding how we lived our life so far, the decisions we made, the challenges we overcame, and the celebrations that gave our life meaning, we begin to clarify our identity, our values, and what truly matters in our lives.

Self-reflection for some of us may come through a spiritual or personal retreat. Some of us may journal or write on a regular basis to find patterns in our lives. However, most of us are so busy trying to keep pace with our overly scheduled, hectic lives, that we find it difficult to find the time for self-reflection.

Our Legacy Journey resources, workbooks and online workshops have proven to be effective tools to help individuals reflect and uncover what is most important in their lives. Or if you find it difficult to finish a project once you get started, our national team of certified facilitators can help you stay on the path and provide invaluable support along the way. You will uncover the stories, experiences, and life wisdom that make you uniquely you. You will gain clarity in your values and life purpose. And your self-knowledge will help you shape who you want to become and how you want to live your life.

Don’t think of it as work—think of it as doing something special for yourself, a family member or a client. It’s a wonderful gift to support your well-being, increase your vitality, and help you live your life with intention. And the resulting Life Reflection Story or Ethical Will/Legacy Letter will pass on your wisdom, values, and life lessons to help your loved ones and future generations become more resilient by knowing where they came from, who they are, and how to navigate the complexities of their life journeys.

Sharing our life reflections, experiences, lessons, values, and nuggets of wisdom can help us find greater purpose in our lives, while providing a meaningful touchstone for our loved ones and future generations to live their lives fully. Don’t wait to get started. You deserve a gift of wellness and purpose.

Self-reflection and self-knowledge can help you live your life as you wish to be remembered! Live well –


028 Identity BACK

Self-Knowledge represents the Life Slice card featured this week. The deck of 52 beautiful cards can inspire you and your loved ones to live a life of celebration and purpose. Or share them with a friend or loved one as a meaningful gift from your heart.

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