We all want to feel that our lives mattered, that we…

  • Were loved and in love
  • Took care of ourselves and our loved ones
  • Lived with gratitude and purpose
  • Made a difference in the lives of others
  • Carry few or no regrets
  • And will be remembered favorably

Our faith or spirituality teaches us to become the best person we can become. A Zen master named Shunryu Suzukiroshi teaches us that, the most important thing in life is to find out what is the most important thing in life! While most of us begin to figure this out as we mature and our life wisdom deepens, some of us take a lot longer to live our lives as we wish to be remembered. And some of us never quite get as far along our life journey as we had hoped.

What if you had a special compass to help guide you way along your life journey? To help you discover how to live a good life? To help your loved ones learn from your life experiences and wisdom? Would you use it? Would you share it?

kern photoThis special compass does exist. We call it a Legacy Journey®. Much like the cairns or inukshuk rock formations you find along a path when hiking, the wisdom, values and generosity of those who traveled before us, can provide us with insights and direction for living a good life. They can help us steer clear of some of their mistakes, and they can help us live with greater purpose and gratitude.

This compass actually exists within each of us and it can be put into use when we take time to reflect and appreciate how far we have come along our journey. It is also useful when we share with our loved ones what we have learned from life’s ups and downs, how we have grown, and how we have learned to savor the wonderful experiences along the way.

Most of us wouldn’t embark upon a hiking journey through the mountains without a compass. So why do we or our loved ones tackle the difficulties of our life journey without fully utilizing the tools that can help us have a meaningful, safe and wonderful experience?

The Legacy Journey is a special life compass. It can help inform critical decisions we need to make in our own lives including: how we will live with intention and meaning; how we will use our passions to best utilize our time, talents and resources to make a difference in the world; how we will learn and grow from our life challenges and opportunities; how we will align our values with our valuables and resources; and how we will help our families get to the heart of what really matters. The Legacy Journey encompasses three pathways to help us uncover and share our values, wisdom and generosity with our loved ones and future generations.

049_Legacy backLegacy Letters – Heartfelt expressions of our values and love.

Life Reflection Stories – Sharing experiences of our life and wisdom.

I spent a good portion of the first half of my life searching for meaning and clues to help me live a good life. What I came to realize, was that the special compass I needed was with me all along. It began when my Grandmother Rosie shared her life stories of courage and love as she battled insurmountable challenges to live a good life and to help her children find grace, joy and meaning in their lives. It continued with my mother’s and father’s stories and values, and how they demonstrate daily how to live a life of purpose, gratitude and compassion. It continues with my husband and me sharing and learning from the life experiences we have encountered so far (both the good and difficult times), and choosing to live our lives with greater intention. And it will continue to serve our children and future grandchildren as we take time to share our stories, values and generosity with each of them.

Now our two college-aged sons have taken the special compass we have passed on, and its many insights, along on their life journeys. We are pleased to see how much faster they are uncovering the most important things in life, living their lives with resiliency and purpose, and making decisions wiser than their years.

While most of us don’t have control over the number of days, months or years we have left in our lives, we do have control over how we will live our lives. There is so much to learn from those who have journeyed before us, and so much to learn from the journeys we are currently embarked upon. Sharing our values, wisdom and generosity – our Legacy Journey – is the ultimate gift to help us live our lives with intention and celebration, and to help equip the next generation to live a good life with purpose, gratitude and love.

Are you living your life as you wish to be remembered? We’re here to help in ways that are meaningful, affordable and accessible at every stage of your life. Our Legacy Journey resources, workbooks, online workshops or certified facilitators can help you navigate along the way and get to the heart of what really matters.


Legacy represents the Life Slice card featured this week. The deck of 52 beautiful cards can inspire you and your loved ones to live a life of celebration and purpose. Or share them with a friend or loved one as a meaningful gift from your heart.

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