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Wisdom is seeing and understanding life as a whole. The lessons we encounter as we travel our life paths invite us to grow wiser as we mature. Ultimately, our wisdom becomes our most trusted source of guidance in living. And when we share our wisdom, it becomes a touchstone providing inspiration, guidance and teachable moments for our loved ones as they may encounter similar experiences along their life journeys.

As adults, we typically spend most of our time thinking about tasks, events, and how we will move forward in our lives. We rarely take time to reflect upon the experiences we encountered along the way and the wisdom we gained from living our lives. Life’s ups and downs, wins and losses, heartaches and celebrations, provide a captivating and honest reflection of what has shaped our lives, beliefs and decisions so far. While each of our life experiences are so different, and no two lives are the same, we can learn a great deal about ourselves and grow into the person we wish to become by uncovering and sharing our nuggets of wisdom. This is exactly why Life Reflection Stories are so critical to our existence.  

Our life stories can help us get to the heart of what really matters. We gain a greater sense of purpose and direction for living our own life when we reflect upon our past and present. We help shape the future path for our loved ones as they find meaning and inspiration from our experiences and wisdom. And we leave generational touchstones to give direction and a tangible connection to those who will embark upon their life journey long after we are gone.

As we help individuals of all ages discover and share their wisdom and experiences through Life Reflection Stories, we see the tremendous impact this work has on them personally, as well as on their families and communities. It is not the length of the story, nor the perfect writing of prose that makes these stories so profound. It is the recollection of specific life experiences of courage, honesty, humility, hard work, struggle, and joy that goes straight to the hearts of their families and provides a lasting sense of generational connection and gratitude.

One of the most difficult expressions we hear in our work is, “I wish I knew more about my mother’s/father’s life experiences before they passed on – what they cared about, what struggles they overcame, why they made certain decisions, what they intended with their gifts of inheritance, how they wished to be remembered, how I can learn from their passions and challenges…”  

Most of us take painstaking efforts to protect and appropriately pass on our finances, possessions, businesses, photos, and even greeting cards. Yet somehow we miss the opportunity to share our life reflections and wisdom. Why do we put off getting to the heart of what really matters and sharing our wisdom until we reach the final phase of our life when it is often too late due to illness or memory loss? The list of excuses is too long to list, but the solution is quite simple – begin today, capture a few stories that come to mind, then keep reflecting and sharing one short story at a time.

Our Life Reflection Story workbook, online tips and examples, virtual workshops, or one of our certified Legacy Journey® facilitators can provide the guidance and structure needed to help you along the way.

Cultivating your seeds of wisdom through openness, intellectual growth, and life reflection will help you live your life now as you wish to be remembered. And don’t put off sharing your life reflections with your loved ones. Sometimes all it takes is one heartfelt nugget of wisdom from your life experiences to provide the inspiration, guidance, or support to help your loved ones live a life of intention and celebration!


042 Wisdom Back

Learning – Wisdom is the Life Slice card featured this week. The deck of 52 beautiful cards can inspire you to live a life of celebration and purpose. Or share them with a friend or loved one as a meaningful gift from your heart.

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