014 Purpose-Front 014 Purpose-BackPurpose: Why we rise and strive.

Purpose is a reason to get up in the morning that is larger than you. Think of it as your most renewable energy source. Purpose drives you to do what matters most to you. It is the fuel that keeps your spirit alive. Whatever our guiding purpose may be, our ways of living it out will change with the stages of our lives. What gives your life purpose now? Family? Meaningful work? Learning? Your answers need not be earth shattering, but they should speak to your deepest motivations.

It doesn’t seem to matter who we are, how much money we have or don’t have, what stage in life we are in, or what profession or status we have achieved so far – without purpose we often struggle to understand what really matters in our lives.

When our team works with individuals as they create and share their Life Reflection Stories, Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters or Making a Difference Plans, we often find that those with the greatest sense of life purpose are happier and have a higher perceived quality of life. Why, you might ask? As one of our basic human needs, we all wish to live a meaningful life, to make a difference while we are here, and to leave this earth with few or no regrets. Without a sense of purpose, we can lose our zest for life, we become less engaged, or we may find our lives feel less meaningful.

One way to overcome these challenges and to live a more purposeful life, particularly as we grow older and our work and life styles change, is to take time for reflection. We are often so busy planning our calendars, responding to our list of tasks, and ever racing forward, that we rarely take time to look back and to reflect upon what we have learned and experienced during our lifetime so far. The benefit of a Legacy Journey® is not just to inform future generations, but it is a wonderful tool to help us gain greater meaning, perspective and intention in our lives.

Sometimes the best answers for going forward, come from our past. Learn how your life lessons, wisdom and values gained throughout your life journey can inform your passions, purpose and life direction going forward. Our affordable and meaningful legacy resources or ne of our certified legacy facilitator scan help you navigate your Legacy Journey®.

May you continue to discover your life purpose to provide the energy needed to keep your spirit alive and your passions well nourished!   


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