044 Discovery FrontIt’s not about end-of-life, it’s about celebrating a life lived well!

When adult children attempt to have “The Talk” with parents or grandparents about when the car should be retired, where and how they will live when they can no longer take care of themselves, or if their end-of-life wishes are in order, they usually hit a brick wall. Conversations are avoided, questions seem prying, and feelings may get hurt along the way. Rather than tackle these important, but sensitive issues with a direct approach, utilize the process of discovery to help your parents or grandparents recognize and celebrate a life lived well!

One of the unique benefits that is often the result of individuals creating and sharing their Life Reflection Stories, Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters, and Making a Difference Plans, is peace of mind begins to replace their sense of fear. Instead of worrying about end-of-life decisions, they recognize they have shared a precious gift from their heart with their loved ones. They become more focused on living their lives with intention and discovering new ways to share what is most meaningful. And along the way, they become more comfortable with making sure their plans are in order and their loved ones know their wishes.

One or more of our three Legacy Journey® workbooks, resources, or facilitators can help you get started along the path of discovery. Use the prompts and exercises to learn about what is most important to your parents: their values, wisdom, stories, passions, generosity, and love. You and your parents may be surprised to find out how much you didn’t know about their lives and how much the process of discovery has engaged you both.

Enjoy your discoveries and the precious time with your loved ones. The rest of the conversation will then begin to fall into place.

Help your family members live their lives as they wish to be remembered!


044 Discovery Back

Life Slices – 52 ways to help you create a life of celebration & purpose – are a beautiful gift that keeps on giving. They can also help you along your personal life discovery or as you engage your parents and grandparents in meaningful conversations. The Life Slice card featured this week is called Discovery and it is found within the Creativity series.

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