043 Creativity Front 043 Creativity BackCreativity is a basic human instinct like hunger and thirst. It shows itself through:

  • Discovery. Seeking and recognizing what’s new.
  • Resourcefulness. Using imagination to overcome obstacles.
  • Problem Solving. Creating opportunities from challenges.
  • Inventing and Innovating. Thinking things up and making them better.
  • Making and Building. Giving form to ideas and feelings.

I am pleased to introduce this next Life Slice series on creativity. I have always found it interesting when friends and colleagues compliment me on my creativity as I am not an artist, musician or poet. What I have recently come to realize is that you don’t need to be a member of the traditional artistic world to be creative. Creativity shapes our lives and impacts everything we do. It allows us to see the connections and possibilities in our personal and professional lives. Creativity also presents itself through one or more of the above definitions every day.

Take a moment to think about your creativity. Then celebrate your many talents that result from your creative instincts.

Let me know if you are surprised to find how much creativity shapes your life when you let your creative energies flow.


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