Customizable Greeting Card

Customizable Greeting Card

Just in time for Father’s Day…

We’ve added a new product to our online shop: Celebrations of Life Gift Cards.

Now you can help a friend or family member get started on their legacy by sending them a gift card redeemable for any Celebrations of Life products and services. You can choose the amount of the gift card, anywhere from $15 to $250. It comes delivered inside a greeting card that you can personalize with a brief message on the front and a longer message inside.

Gift cards have no fees and no expiration date, and they can be used for multiple purchases until their value is exhausted, so you can purchase with confidence knowing that your gift will keep on giving.

Along with Life Slices, our new gift cards are available on the Meaningful Gifts page of our website.

Celebrations of Life Gift Card

About Tracie Bluse Ward

Tracie is the president and founder of Celebrations of Life - a company dedicated to helping individuals and families live their lives with intention and create a meaningful legacy to share their values, wisdom and generosity with their loved ones and community.

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