015 Passion-Front 015 Passion-BackPassion begins when a fire is lit inside us, but it always seeks outward expression. Our passions energize us to take action. If we are passionate about something, we will give it our all. Passion can be part of our lives in two ways. We can have a passion for someone we love or something we love to do, and we can also become impassioned to achieve a goal or outcome. If a goal or endeavor is important enough to us, we can transform even a daunting challenge into a deeply engaging process by charging our effort with inner passion. Define your passions and ignite one that will bring you greater purpose in life. What are the passions that keep the sparkle in your eyes burning bright?

Many of us struggle with identifying our true passions, but I discovered a way that may help you bring your passions into focus.

If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then passion is the fire that keeps them burning bright. One of the pleasures of working with individuals as they reflect upon and share their stories, values and generosity along their Legacy Journey®, is to see how clearly their passions seek outward expression. This occurs even when the person can’t readily name their passions, and regardless of their age or stage in life. When they speak about the things they love the most (people, causes, activities, endeavors), their eyes sparkle brightly, their facial expressions become happier, and their voices become more animated.

I find it interesting that many of us are good at identifying the people and pets we are most passionate about. Simply ask a grandparent about their grandkids or a pet lover about their sweet companion, and watch their faces light up! But many of us struggle with identifying the passions that bring excitement to our lives, those that make us jump out of bed in the morning, or those that motivate us to get through the most challenging tasks with joy. Often these passions are just under the surface waiting to be ignited.

Here’s a simple way to help you identify your passions. Sit with a trusted friend or use one of our Legacy Journey workbooks. Talk or write about what has mattered most in your life, what you daydream about, or what you would do with your life if you had a magic wand. Ask your friend to jot down a few notes along the way whenever your face lights up. Or if you are doing a self-lead exercise, you can highlight the items on the pages that make you feel the most energized. These “high notes” are indicators of what matters most to you. Review the list and see how excited your true passions can make you feel.

Now keep the fire burning brightly by finding ways to ignite one or two of those passions that will bring you greater purpose in your personal or professional life. Then return the favor, and help a friend or loved one uncover their passions.

When you ignite your deepest motivations, anything is possible. May your passions become your guide to a life of intention and joy!


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