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Joy lifts us up and comes flooding over us. It may feel like a peak sensation, but it shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. We can and should soar and rejoice every day, no matter our troubles.

Remember, you can choose to be joyful. You can find joy in almost anything just by looking. And joy is renewable. Each time you remember it, you experience it again. Because joy is inside us all the time, we can choose to live a joyful life. Find ways to remind yourself of a recent joy – perhaps a seashell from a recent walk on the beach or a photo of your smiling grandchild.

I feel honored to have been touched by so many people’s extraordinary lives through our work at Celebrations of Life. The one valuable lesson that continues to resonate with me is how people of all ages who live their lives joyfully, seem to live longer, more fulfilling lives. It is not the result of having an easier life or less troubles. In fact, some folks seem to have had more than their share of difficulties. Rather, their life joy is the result of choice – choosing to enjoy life, dwelling in the good times, seeking ways to be happy, rejoicing along the way, and living their lives with intention.

As you continue to find meaning along your life journey, my wish for you this Mother’s Day or special day is that you receive many moments of joy. Joy to renew your spirits through a constant source of positive energy, and the joy of knowing how much you are loved and appreciated every day!

A big hug filled with love and thanks to my mother and all the special moms who bring joy to our lives! Tracie

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