This is the final segment within a four-part legacy series by Barry Baines and Tracie Bluse Ward, Celebrations of Life

Last time we shared information about the importance of life reflection stories in finding our life purpose and sharing what matters in our life with our loved ones. This month’s post will discuss the final Legacy Journey® pathway, the legacy of generosity, exemplified by a making a difference plan.

This article was originally published on the Caring Bridge Amplifier Hub.

plantingAn introduction to making a difference plans—inspiring generosity and motivating action.
As we age (or experience) and successfully navigate the many challenges of life, we often look back in gratitude to those who have helped us. We begin to develop a strong drive to give back and share what we have learned in an effort to make a positive difference on those around us. One concrete way to address these feelings is to make a personal, family and generational commitment to making a difference. We can do this by giving of our time, talents, and resources. These meaningful actions serve as a model that teaches and inspires the next generation to live compassionately and with intention.

Use your life reflection story or ethical will/legacy letter to create your making a difference plan.
Earlier in this Amplifier Hub legacy series, we provided tips for creating a Life Reflection Story and Legacy Letter. We can identify our passions and what is meaningful to us through these stories or letters. We can also tackle the task of creating our making a difference plan by identifying people and causes that have inspired us, or by reflecting on activities and causes we devote our volunteer time to. Consider why these people or causes are meaningful. With this, look at a significant gift you’ve made to a cause and again ask yourself, “Why was this gift significant and why did I choose to make it?” This could offer more clues as to the best way to create a making a difference plan.

Once this is accomplished, align your making a difference plan with your estate or financial plan to solidify a legacy of generosity.

Legacy Journey® resources and information on how to write your ethical will/legacy letter, life reflection story, or making a difference plan can be found at Celebrations of Life. We also encourage you to consult your professional advisor or financial planner.

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