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017 Using Gifts (front)Drawing on our inborn genius.

We are all gifted. Each of us has talents and abilities that belong to us alone. Our gifts are as unique as we are, and they come to us so naturally that we seem to have been born with them. Luckily, gifts may be discovered anytime in life.

When we use our gifts, we are answering our true calling. If we’re not using our gifts, our lives lose meaning. What are your gifts? Are you using them? Make a “gift list” to help you consider these questions.

Congratulations to all the graduates!

Once the excitement of graduation quiets down you may begin to contemplate and even worry about the reality of your future—getting into the best college or finding a meaningful and successful career. In response, it’s natural to focus heavily on top grades, well written resumes, and key interviews to distinguish yourself from other candidates in the pile of college or job applications. While all of these factors are important, most graduates downplay the key ingredient that could make their college and career quests easier and more rewarding—identifying and focusing on their unique gifts or strengths.

I have two college-age sons, whom like their peers, share this same sense of excitement and worry. In response, I have encouraged them to spend some time listing both their natural born gifts and the gifts which have resulted from their education and life experiences. Essentially, it is a list of life values and core strengths rather than just your resume skillsets. I believe it is in exploring all of these “special gifts” that they will uncover a meaningful career path that will help them arrive at their true calling (or as is true for many of us, there may be multiple callings throughout their lifetime).

Don’t underestimate the combined strength of your passions, talents and gifts as you search for meaning and success in both your career and personal lives. Draw on your inborn genius (yes you have it!) and curiosity to discover new talents and abilities. Understand how your life experiences so far have provided you with a unique perspective and character. And spend more time leveraging your natural strengths rather than worrying about what you’re not good at doing. These gifts will truly distinguish you from everyone else. They will also lead you to a gift greater than all other gifts—embarking upon an intentional and meaningful life journey!

Remember, the journey is as important as the destination. Don’t be afraid to explore the hidden paths and moments of awe along the way. And always remember to be grateful for all the opportunities and people who have been your raving fans and tour guides along your journey. Cheers to you!


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