By Barry Baines and Tracie Bluse Ward, Celebrations of Life

This article was originally published in the Caring Bridge Amplifier Hub.

Life Reflections 1In our Amplifier Hub post last month, we reviewed what Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters are, their history, and how and why you should write one. In this post, we will provide an overview of your Legacy of Wisdom in the form of a Life Reflection Story.

Life Reflections 2An introduction to life reflection stories.
As adults, we rarely take time for reflection–to understand where we came from, to measure how much we have grown, or to see patterns in how we navigated through the challenges and opportunities of our life journeys. Life reflection stories are more than historical accounts of our lives. They provide a powerful tool to help us uncover the compelling master stories that make us uniquely us, to gain a better understanding of ourselves, and to share our wisdom and experiences with our loved ones so that they may successfully navigate their life journeys.

Life reflection stories are typically comprised of a continuum of short stories or vignettes that share our life experiences gained so far in small, bite-sized nuggets. They can be written at any time and even added to throughout our lifetime. You don’t need to be an experienced writer or family historian to share your legacy of wisdom. Nor do you need to publish or share your stories with anyone outside of your family. There are many resources available to help prompt your thoughts and to preserve your wisdom and stories in a treasured, affordable keepsake book, folder or personal format.

The benefits of writing a life reflection story are often profound.

  • Life reflection stories give us, the writer, greater perspective and understanding of our own life, helping us through life challenges and transitions, and even helping us find greater significance and purpose going forward.
  • They help us get to the heart of what to share with our loved ones. In many cases, reflection stories provide our families with a sense of hope, compassion, and resilience, particularly during times of difficulty.
  • They can also help us honor our parents and grandparents, while sharing our family history, culture and traditions.

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