Your Personal Legacy Journey ®

Legacy is more than what we leave behind. It is how we live our lives as we wish to be remembered.

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Three interconnected pathways can help you live your life with intention and share your Values, Wisdom and Generosity with your loved ones and future generations.

How will you be remembered?

Our innovative resources, facilitated programs, and virtual writing workshops make it easy, affordable and meaningful for you to get to the heart of what really matters, at every stage of your life.

Three ways to get started now:

Our New Programming for Organizations

Maximize Your Impact

Transform Lives

LivingWisely is an innovative solution to increase your organization’s impact by connecting more deeply and personally with each individual you serve so that they may live their best life with greater insight and intention.

For Organizations serving Donors and Clients:

    • Community Foundations, Universities and Colleges
    • Nonprofits & Charitable Organizations
    • Estate Planners & Financial Advisors
    • Funeral Planners
For Organizations serving Patients, Families & Caregivers:

    • Community Health & Wellness
    • Chronic Illness Support Organizations
    • Hospice & Palliative Care Programs
    • Medical & Healthcare Organizations

For Organizations serving Employees, Seniors and Members:

    • Small Businesses to Enterprises
    • Senior Living & Retirement Communities
    • Spiritual Communities
    • Community Focused Organizations


Independent Facilitator Training for Entrepreneurs

Start your own business by becoming certified in one or more of our three Legacy Journey® pathways. Register any time for our blended education, distance learning program that combines self-paced video modules and several live video coaching sessions that you schedule at key checkpoints throughout the training. You’ll learn how to facilitate educational legacy programs, group workshops and individual coaching sessions, as well as learn how to market your legacy business in your local community.