In 1998, Dr. Barry K. Baines founded the web site to inform and educate people about the concept of ethical wills. Barry’s hospice care experience provided the impetus for developing resources to help people write and preserve their legacy of values at any stage of life.

Barry recently transitioned from a 30-year healthcare profession to expand his passion for legacy. Now, as vice president of Celebrations of Life, he is working to create a wider Legacy Journey® concept, providing ways to pass on one’s legacy of wisdom and legacy of generosity, as well as the legacy of values that is the focus of an ethical will. Barry is dedicated to finding new approaches to bringing the Legacy Journey movement to hospice, senior living, healthcare organizations, communities of faith, foundations and non-profit organizations, and estate/financial planning professions.

Here at the new Celebrations of Life web site you will find all of the resources formerly at, as well as much more to explore.

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