Are you seeking a meaningful, rewarding, flexible career that connects with your passions while providing your clients with a sense of purpose and a lasting legacy for their loved ones? Are you interested in an encore career that meets your evolving personal, professional, family, life stage, and work-life balance needs? Would you like to create a legacy business to serve clients in your local market? Or would you like to add an impactful service and new revenue stream to your current practice? Then consider becoming an independent legacy facilitator through Celebrations of Life.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can become a member of a growing international team of certified, independent legacy facilitators? You maintain the relationship with your clients and have the flexibility to work when and where you choose. You benefit from the advantages of a proven training model, national brand and license, certification, marketing and sales coaching, effective resources, preservation team, and ongoing support from Celebrations of Life.

You can obtain certification in one or more of our three Legacy Journey® pathways. Register any time for our blended education distance learning program that combines self-paced web-based video modules and several live video conference coaching sessions that you schedule at key checkpoints in the program.

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If you are an employee within an organization and interested in our market-specific training programs, please visit our Legacy Facilitator training found in Programs for Organizations.